Melody Bear

Baby Ballet

Melody Bear

Melody Movement, Groovy Moves and Tip Tap Toe offer a structured learning programme for children from 18 months old, which builds on and develops their natural movements. The programme ties in with National Curriculum learning objectives for pre-school children.

Melody Movement classes offer an introduction to dance for toddlers that takes their natural physical impulses like running, jumping, skipping, and hopping and incorporates them into a programme which works to develop their physical fitness and learning skills. Classes are designed to be fun, and inspire the child’s own imagination and creativity.



Tip Tap Toe and Groovy Moves is a combined
syllabus of modern and Tap for children aged two
to four. Rhythm and tempo are among the subjects
explored as children learn with musical games,
counting songs,and, of course, Melody Bear.

Classes run Wednesday between 10 and 11:30am,
30minutes per class at Buckland Community Centre