Dance Parties

You choose the venue, we bring the party!

For birthdays, Halloween, 'cause it's the weekend or just because you can! Call us up and we will lay our awesome enthusiasm and dance skills at your service.

What do you get?

Two Funky Feet instructors take care of all the entertainment, keeping the party moving and wearing the guests out, but leaving you unfrazzled and daisy-fresh. Well....kind of! We start with a warm up, and move onto some games and finish by teaching a routine.  

Who supplies the music?

We do. We bring all the music we will need, but you do get to choose what song you want to make your routine to. You can let us know if there is a particular style of music you would prefer or even if there is something you definitely DON'T want. Before we leave the Birthday Bunny will be presented with a disk containing all the music used during the party. (If there is no Birthday Bunny the disk will go to the party organiser).

What games do we provide?

We utilise a range of traditional, music-based party games such as pass-the-parcel*, stuck-in-the-mud and musical statues. If you have a preference let us know.

Where does the dance come in?

We start by taking your party-people through a warm-up. Over the course of the party we will teach them a routine which they can perform at the end. Amy has long experience of teaching children from toddler ages up, so all of our routines and exercises will be appropriate to the age and abilities of the guests.

How much, How long, How many?

£200. 2 Hours. Up to 20 participants.

Any other questions...

...just contact us and ask.



*pass-the-parcel gifts and any other prizes you want given out will need to be supplied beforehand