Over the last few years Funky Feet have taken part in, and hosted a number of events. As well as our own annual Choreography Competition and occasional shows, over the next year we are hoping to increase our involvement in local events, giving our dancers the chance to showcase the skills they have worked so hard to develop.

Our previous appearances include the Lord Mayor's Charity Gala, at The King's Theatre (twice!) and The Victorian Christmas Festival at Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard, The South Downs Wood Fair & Country Show at Queen Elizabeth Country Park and The Sheena Dance Show, an annual fundraising event for The John Pound's Centre in Portsmouth. This year will also see the return of our own Funky Feet Show, an event that has been on hold for a couple of years due to space restrictions.

Halloween marks the start of the countdown to our annual Chroeography Competition. The competition is open to all students, with prizes being awarded in age groups, and for costume and make-up design. Students choose thier own music, do all thier own choreography, as well as designing thier own costumes. Each student can enter the competition mulitple times and duets are common. Although it is a competition the camaraderie at the event is evident and often older students help younger ones with thier routines, even though they can't be judged for those performances.